10 Things I’m Loving Now

1.  The most beautiful book I’ve read this year.

2.  Stemless wine glasses.  They’re not very common but I love their casual vibe and how they bring me back to my vacation in Sonoma.

3.  Madeline Tosh yarn—deliciously soft, pretty colors, crisp stitch definition

4.  How I learned to design shawls

5.  Vania Romoff:  I wore one of her tops to a wedding and felt truly chic even if I was just wearing flats under my long black skirt.

6.  I get Marie Forleo’s e-newsletter every week.  I usually skip the video and just read the comments after to find out the topic.  But this one was beautiful, a must-watch.

7.  So I’m trying out a minimalist wardrobe and doing my own version of Project333.  There’s more room to breathe in my closet.  I can see all my favorites making it so much easier to dress in the morning.

8.  Fifteen minutes of yoga a day?  ONLY?  Why not?  Try the 14-Day Yoga Shred Challenge with Sadie Nardini.  It’s tough but short and you feel like a rock star after.

9.  Spent three days here last week.  Gorgeous.  Restful.  Luxurious. And only one hour away by plane.

10.  Can you imagine how this can make your commute so much more pleasurable?

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