10 things I’m loving now: February 2017

10 things I'm loving now1. Listen to this if you need confirmation that you’re on the right path

2.  I can’t wait to finish this shawl

3.  Mixed reviews for this Netflix series but I’m fascinated

4. My favorite guided meditations on Insight Timer (it’s free to download): 10 Minutes of Mindfulness and Morning Ritual with Music

5.  New favorite foodie find

6.  My favorite appetizer

7. 30 Days of Yoga?  A cinch with this program

8. New fave makeup tool (even if it’s a bit strange, it really works!)

9.  Gorgeous journals, postcards, reminders from the universe

10. Savor your memories and get things done with these fun kits and workbooks:  Everyday Explorers and 30 Days of …

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