Marketing May: Building your brand

This month, we’re learning all about marketing from my life coaching program. What I love about it is it allows you to get really clear about what you can offer and the kinds of clients you want to attract. It allows you to reach your customers in creative ways, to make a compelling offering and discover […]

Be gentle with yourself

So I set these goals, these commitments to myself and my business.  They’re great.  They are forward-thinking, doable, measurable, clear, not too ambitious—everything that a goal should be. And yet they still don’t get done.  For example, blogging three times a week. In terms of the “strategies” to make sure I write the blog posts, […]

Why I meditate

Oh, your wild mind.  So much brilliance, capable of creative ideas that no one else has thought of, amazing at making connections between unrelated things to come up with something new.  And yet, its wildness—its biggest strength—can also be what keeps you from moving forward in your life.  It makes connections with your past and […]