Be grateful for you

gratitudeFilling up waybills. Printing. Cutting and hand-stamping gift cards. Wrapping. Ribbon tying.

Nope, I haven’t even started on Christmas gifts. This is currently my process for shipping The Sunday Night Journal.

There was a point in the process where it stopped being thrilling and started becoming overwhelming. The tedious cutting-and-pasting of addresses into the courier’s website was no longer fun after the 50th order. I made mistakes in trimming the gift cards. I think I even bundled two different orders into one package.

Yesterday, I took a break from marketing, wrapping, cutting-and-pasting. And breathed.

And realized how grateful I was for being where I am today. How thankful I am that I didn’t give up in the middle of the year and persevered despite self-doubt and fear. How I want to give myself a big hug for making two big dreams happen this year—to hold my own retreat and publish a book.

You don’t need to wait for others to acknowledge your accomplishments.

You can be grateful for you.

You can applaud yourself for how far you’ve come.

You can be proud of taking small steps everyday even if doing so defied all logic.

You are truly amazing.

Photo by Miguel Nacancieno.
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