Becoming a life coach

A cocktail is always a good idea.  (Photo from the Antonio's Group of Restaurants.)

A cocktail is always a good idea. (Photo from the Antonio’s Group of Restaurants.)

I realized tonight that I’m a little more than halfway through my life coach training.  And that I’m on track with my required number of hours to get certified.  And that I have coached women from all over the world (the Philippines mostly, but also the US, Amsterdam, Australia, even Mauritius!).  And that I’m getting paid for the work that I do.

A year ago, I was debating whether I should do this.  My inner critic was relentless:  Isn’t it a big waste of time?  Where will you get the money?  Will you really be a life coach?  What if you aren’t good?  What if I fail?

No, it hasn’t been a waste of time.  It’s been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done—not only learning to become a coach but most importantly, the help that I’ve been providing my clients.

The money for my training came from my savings, my consulting work and financial miracles that happened last year (a fund that matured, a bank account I had forgotten about, unexpected thirteenth-month pay).

Yes, I really am a life coach.  I initially struggled with calling myself that but I have come to respect the term.  It is what I do and today, there’s pride in calling myself a life coach.

I’m learning to be a good coach (maybe even a great coach), step by step, lesson by lesson, client by client.

Funnily enough, I don’t think I will fail.  As long as I keep my focus on my clients, on my desire to help, to support, to heal, then that will always be a win.

Tonight I celebrate, with a cocktail and a prayer of gratitude for getting me this far, for not giving up, for my amazing clients, teachers and coaches.


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