Why life coaching is the new black

Ooh, blog titles that are like magazine titles.  (An aside:  when I was working as a big-time magazine publisher, I could predict the editorial calendar of the magazines.  January is New Year, New You.  March was the Big Summer Issue.  June is Back to School and December is all about the Gift Guide.  Hoping I […]

The beginner

For a long time, I was an expert.  People would come to me, ask me questions and yes, I would have the answer.  Dilemmas would arise and I would trot out experiences that showed how we overcame something like that in the past.  Proposals would be made and I would have the power to veto or […]

10 things about me

So I finally finished my About page which gives a very general overview about my life and what I want the blog to be.  I figured it would be fun to do 10 more random things that didn’t fit the section.  They’re  just random little things that could possibly come up in conversation when I […]

Life coach in training

I started training to be a life coach at the end of January.  Why be a life coach?  Why life coaching?  And OMG! It sounds a bit lame.  Can we find a better name for life coach? (Yes, these are all actual comments.) My reasons are simple: I felt that it was something I could […]


I’m amazed how quickly time is passing.  The last part of 2014 sort of meandered for me with lots of time to fill and a lot of anxiety regarding filling it.  Either I’m more comfortable now with having time on my hands or I’ve gotten busier, but whatever it is, I feel like 2015 is […]

Thinking about the beginning

So my first post was called, “just start.”  That’s what I did, so I could get past the fear and just take the leap. And then I decided to Google “how to start an awesome blog.”  Found lots of links and good advice and found myself wondering if it was a good idea to just […]