Free breathing space wallpapers

free breathing space wallpaperLast Friday, I asked you to make space in your weekend to get still so you can get inspired to connect to the creative force inside.

What if you can find some breathing space too in the middle of your day?

What if you step away from your desk for 10 minutes when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list?

Or what if you take five deep breaths when receiving another urgent request from your boss or colleague?

Or what if you download these breathing space wallpapers for your phone’s lock screen? Their wisdom will remind you of what’s important, what you value and where you’re headed. Picking up your phone will provide you the calm, mindfulness and intention you need to face the day’s challenges.

breathing space wallpaper
breathing space wallpaper
breathing space wallpaper
breathing space wallpaper
breathing space wallpaper

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Photos (from top) by Rich Lock, Annie Spratt, Aurora M. Suarez, Samuel Zeller, Mink Mingle.


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