Dear money

Dear money,

We had an exercise during coach training last year where I had a conversation with you.  One of my fellow coaches took on your persona and asked me a few questions:

  • Is our relationship now secure for you?
  • Do you expect me to make you happy?
  • Do you love me?

Having that conversation shifted my thoughts about you.  I stopped thinking of you as a burden, as another responsibility (Am I doing enough to take care of you?  How can I have more of you?  What if you abandon me?) Instead, I looked at you as a friend, as someone who could be my partner in making my vision for my life happen.  When the shift happened, my relationship with you felt lighter.  I felt there was more trust between us—that as a friend, you are there to support me, to make my dreams happen, to help me along the way.

Thank you for always being there, even if you were only P50 in my wallet, even when I was too poor to buy a bra with my first pay checks, even when I ran out of return taxi cab money when I was in New York.  Thank you for popping up when I least expect you to—an unexpected bonus for a job well done, a fund that matured at the right time when I needed to book my flight for life coach training, a check tucked into a Christmas card.

Most importantly, thank you for supporting my values, for being my partner in buying my home, allowing me to travel and surrounding me with beautiful things that give me so much joy.

Love, Aurora

This month, I decided to challenge myself and participate in Susannah Conway’s April Love event.  She’s inviting her readers to write daily love letters around a certain theme.  I can’t make the daily commitment, but I want to do at least 10. Here are my love letters to lovehomeintuitionmy future self and courage.

(Photo by Joanna Kosinska,
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