Why I decided to become a life coach

Describe the fire within. (Photo by Morgan Sessions, from Unsplash.com)

Describe the fire within. (Photo by Morgan Sessions, from Unsplash.com.)

My counselor asked:  Describe the fire within.

I sat in front of him, soggy tissues clutched in my hand, trying to visualize what he had asked for, my eyes clenched.

It’s a small flame, flickering, barely alive, wavering, as if it can be blown out any minute.

I sat in front of him, week after week, describing it.

It’s still small but it’s steady.

It’s burning brighter.

It’s a bright shining candle. Around the wick is a red-orange color. Surrounding it is a strong yellow flame.

There’s a blue light shimmering around the strong flame.

It’s dancing.

It’s a bonfire. It’s roaring. Loud. Bright but safe. It’s not a bonfire that kills. It’s a bonfire that warms.

I sat in front of him, week after week, and I could see my progress.

I went from from sad and broken to whole and hopeful. He did it by holding a sacred space for me to just be. He supported me not by judging, not by giving advice, not by strategizing how I can move quickly past my sadness but by listening, accepting and reminding me about love and forgiveness.  With his help, I came back to myself.

When the head of my coach training program asked, “Of all the careers you could have chosen, why did you choose to become a life coach?”

My answer was simple: To help others (as I was helped) to gain clarity, to heal, to move forward, to thrive and to live your best life.

To do for others what my counselor did for me.

To help others move from pain, fear and questions about worthiness to wholeness, courage and self-love.

To help people trust themselves fully and fall in love with themselves again.

To show the power of gratitude in practice.

To bring you back to yourself.


If you need help in moving forward, if you want to live the best version of yourself, if you want to start listening to your inner voice and trusting in your own inner wisdom, then I would love to be your coach.  Click here to learn more about working with me.

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