Four powerful questions to ask about your life

I relaunched my business this year with a set of life coaching postcards that ask four powerful questions.

Your vision.  What is your purpose? Why are you here? This is a tough question.  Also called a personal mission statement, here are five inspiring examples.

VisionYour blocks. These can be ways of thinking, habits and stories that you tell about yourself.  In a coaching session, we will dig deep to discover these blocks and find the wisdom behind them which you can either use or discard if they are no longer serving you.

Your choices.  What choice can you make today to live your best life?  In the book You Can Create an Exceptional LifeLouise Hay encourages you to think about small positive changes that you can do consistently that will make you feel good.

Your future self.  Think about her.  Will she look back at her life with satisfaction or with regret?  Here’s a beautiful video about regret-free living.

Want answers to your own questions?  Let’s work together to dig deep so you can craft a life you love.


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