Client challenge: How do I make time for self-care?

self-careI know. You’re incredibly busy. While the idea of journaling, exercise, meditation, reading something inspiring and doing what you love all sound fabulous for your emotional wellness, you have NO time for all that.

Instead of looking at these activities as a burden, as another thing to add to your to-do list, what if you look at them as gifts instead?

Ask yourself:

  • What gift can I give myself today?
  • And what can I say no to so I can make time for this gift?

Make a list of things that don’t feel good to you, that add no value to your life. This can be skipping your weekly drinks with your colleagues where all you do is gossip about your boss. Or you can say no to Facebook or Instagram after 6 p.m. You can stop worrying or indulging in self-pity or being fearful about the future…and use that time for your self-care. You stop spending hours browsing the sale racks at Zara hoping to find the perfect, of-the-moment top that will hide your muffin top.

By making the time to nourish yourself, you’re sending the signal that your needs are important, that you matter, that you are worthy of love and care.  By giving yourself the gift of sacred self-care, you’re filling up your well…ensuring that you have more of you to offer to others. By understanding what lights you up and making time for that, you’re nurturing your own internal fire, thus allowing you to live in a state of positivity and possibility.

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