Starting the week with gratitude

Yesterday, I had to power through to get out of my bed and into the office.

This was my pattern for years.  I would force myself to trudge to work every morning, usually starting the day a little grumpy and ending the day exhausted and extremely irritated.

When I went back to the corporate world after a year of freelance work, I told myself that my pattern of powering through had to stop.  I had to listen to my body, get enough rest, say no to too many commitments, make time for joy.

It’s easy to say but when your to-do list is overflowing, as mine is this September, it becomes a bit more of a struggle.

I decided that I could focus on my feelings of struggle and tiredness or I could shift my attitude and feel the gratitude.

And so I made the shift…and this is what I was thankful for.  I felt my energy change and my outlook brighten.  It ended up being a happy Monday after all.

Yesterday's gratitude list

Yesterday’s gratitude list

This month, I’ll be doing a weekly gratitude list and posting what I’m thankful for here and on Instagram. #septembergratitude

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