What if: The first 15 days

This January, I made a commitment to posting 30 What-If questions on Instagram.

Usually, they say don’t ask “what-if” questions as our minds immediately go to the worst-case scenario.

But the questions I asked open your minds to other ways of thinking, to possibilities, to grace, to slowing down, to listening.

I’ve compiled the first 15 questions here and I’m posting another round tomorrow to complete the month.

This is my go-to quote that allows me to make my small courageous steps every day instead of retreating in fear.
In 2017, I’m making a commitment to being a life coach, to this life of becoming a solo-preneur. I want to help amazing women achievers live their dreams and do work that matters. I want to help them craft their best life.
Here’s to a 2017 filled with possibility, courage, miracles and magic.

Listen to that small quiet voice that says you can, that says that your dreams are valid.
Listen to that small quiet voice that believes in you.
Listen to that small quiet voice that is opening your heart to a life better than you had even imagined.
Awesome art by Maggie Adan.

I love the word possibility and use it a lot. There’s so much hope, anticipation and excitement enveloping that word.
But what if there’s no need to change? What if all you is a mindset shift, so you can see the gifts of your reality, of the beauty, miracle and awesome-ness that is your life.
“…Your life may not be any better, if you haven’t learned to be awake, alive now. To take this moment for what it is. It’s just as easy to be miserable when you are Someone Special as when you are No One in Particular. Because even Someone Special still has to live in her own skin and deal with boredom, rejection, loneliness, disappointment…You might as well learn how to pay attention now. How to inhabit the life you’ve chosen. How to take up every inch of your skin. Occupy the space in this body you were given. It’s your place. Only yours.”—Geneen Roth, Women, Food and God
Awesome calligraphy by Maggie Adan.

Try it. Try kindness, generosity, patience instead. Try awareness and deep breaths. Try compassion instead of judgment.

What if you are enough?
You are. Look at yourself with the eyes of a lover or your best friend. Talk to yourself kindly. This year, make a commitment to fall in love with yourself again.
Calligraphy by Maggie Adan.

Wow. But you won’t know how it will turn out if you don’t take the first steps.
Beautiful lettering by Maggie Adan.

“We must become our own best friend. We must learn to give to ourselves and to receive from ourselves unconditional love and acceptance.
It is not selfish. It is the first giant step toward selflessness.
We call people selfish when they will not give. But they cannot give what they do not have. When we have enough, we are eager to share.”
—Cheri Huber, There is Nothing Wrong with You
Fall in love with yourself. Trust your inner voice. Live your best life.
Beautiful calligraphy by Maggie Adan.

Slow down. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Connect with your soul.

What if you can take the first steps to making them happen? What if you can connect with your why? What if this is the year when you can actually make them real?
Gorgeous word art by Maggie Adan.

What if you can courageously move beyond feelings like fear, uncertainty and self-doubt and into a place of positivity, possibility and delight?

Because they will. Good intentions. Trust. Inspired action. This formula never fails.

It’s always a choice.

Your heart knows where it wants to go. Listen.
And once you’ve heard its call, you can’t un-hear it.
Let’s go on a life coaching journey together to listen to the longings of your heart and take action on them.
Word art by Maggie Adan.

This moment is exactly where you need to be right now. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should. Release the past and believe that the future will take care of itself.
Breathe, be still and be grateful for this moment.
Word art by Maggie Adan.

You are. Your reality today reflects your myriad choices, paths you’ve taken or ignored, the people whose lives have touched yours. Whatever you’re going through right now, trust that the lessons you are learning will be helpful for what the future will bring.
Beautiful lettering by Maggie Adan.



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