Wishing you a year filled with joy and possibility

I love the freshness of a new year. It’s like writing on the first page of a new journal. It feels ripe with possibility and the promise of new beginnings, the choices still to be made, the adventures still to be taken.

But it’s still the same old selves we’re taking with us into the year—the one with all the emotional baggage, with the old stories we tell about ourselves and the world that we can’t let go, with all the bad habits. We are the leaky pens we choose to write with in our journals, marring the pristine freshness of the page.

So that I’m less like a leaky pen, writing the same stories over and over again about my life, I’ve chosen a word for the year rather than a resolution. Here are the words I’ve picked over the last four years:





By choosing a word, I set a powerful intention for how I want my year to unfold instead of feeling like I’m just the victim of circumstances. I align my choices with my word and release things that don’t.

Sometimes the word I’ve chosen is the right one where the year unfolds accordingly. And sometimes it feels a little off (like Grow in 2016) but it still serves as a guide for me. And hey, there are no rules saying you have to stick with the word you started the year with. You can always change it mid-year. You have the power over your life and your choices.

In 2018, my word is CO-CREATE. I want to co-create with my Creator, collaborate with amazing women and nurture my imagination.

This year, I used the following tools to help me come up with my word for the year:

  • Best Year Ever, my collaboration with Eden Street, which is an intention-setting kit that comes with a workbook, fun postcards and little rewards
  • Susannah Conway’s Find Your Word exercise.

How about you? Have you found your Word of the Year yet? I would love to know. Just hit reply to this email so you can share it with me.

Life coaching

Struggling to find your word of the year? I can help with that.
Know what it is already but feeling that you’re not able to make it a priority? I can help with that too.
Want to change your life but you’re not sure what you even want or the steps to take? I can definitely help with that.

My life coaching doors open on January 8 again—after the holiday break.

As a coach, I help you get from where you are to where you want to be—fulfilled and aligned with your purpose. I use the tools of CLARITY, CONNECTION and COURAGEOUS ACTION so you can make the changes you want and craft a life you love.

Hop on this link to book a free Discovery Session so we can chat about what’s going on in your life and the support you need.

I’m also exploring a new idea called Coaching the (aspiring) Coach. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a life coach, I would love to have a session with you so I can understand your thoughts and then create a powerful and useful program for you. Click here to book a 30-minute session (again, this is completely free!).

Sundays are for self-care

So were you able to join me in writing in the first page of The Sunday Night Journal last night? How was that experience for you?

If you didn’t, it’s okay. The beauty of The Sunday Night Journal is that it’s not dated so you can start any Sunday of the year. I’m looking forward to transforming our Sunday nights together so we can start the week with positivity and gratitude, and dare I say it, even excitement.

If you want to join this quiet revolution on Sunday nights, I still have copies of the journal here. You can also buy them from the Seek the Uniq Gypseek Atlas in the 2F Powerplant Mall until the end of the month.

The Simple Self-Care Retreat

Want to start the year from a slow, simple and heart-centered place? Then join me for the Simple Self-Care Retreat in Batangas from January 27-28. With workshops on living a heart-crafted life and creating your own natural skincare products, 30-minute life coaching sessions, morning meditation and heart-opening rituals, this is the retreat your spirit has been craving as a way to reset and refresh for the year ahead.

One last thing

I’m taking a social media break during the first week of January so I can get realigned and go back to my habits of meditation, journaling,  reading, writing and creating. These were all pushed to the side during December and I feel the need to breathe and connect with myself again. So, if it seems a little quiet on Instagram, then just know I’m taking a little pause and will be back again soon.

Photo by Dan Whale from Unsplash.


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