The word for 2016, part 2

In early January, I sent out an email to my clients encouraging them to to do Unravelling.  It is a worksheet that celebrates the past and helps you plan for the year ahead.  Instead of setting resolutions, you are encouraged to choose a word for the year.  This word will help you make the right choices for the things you want to accomplish.

The word I chose for myself was GROW.  I wanted to grow my business, my clients, my marketing efforts, my offerings, even my rate for coaching sessions.

Half the year has gone.  Yes, I was able to increase my price, my marketing efforts and attract new clients.  Yes, my business has grown in revenue and I’m able to reach more people.

Despite all that, GROW as a goal doesn’t seem to resonate with me anymore.

I remember in my old company how we would have rallying cries during our sales conferences:  Go big or go home.  Everyone would cheer and make their commitments for bigger sales, bigger events, bigger profits.

That image is obviously at odds with the quieter life I’m choosing for myself.  Maybe the word isn’t resonating because I’m looking at external measurements instead of something deeper inside.  Maybe I don’t want to growth just for the sake of growing big.

Maybe words like EXCELLENCE, REST, SPACE or RENEW seem to make more sense now.  These have been manifesting themselves in different ways in the last few months. These are the words I doodled when planning this post.

I know that one of them will stick and will be the rallying cry for decisions I make for the rest of the year.  I’m letting each word sink and seeing which one resonates the most.

If the word you chose at the start of the year isn’t working for you anymore, it’s okay to change it mid-way.  There is no Unravelling police who is monitoring your internal work.

Just find some quiet time to sit and think about the words that are currently manifesting in your life and how you can have more of that.

If you haven’t made choices to live out your word yet, it’s never too late to start…and restart again.  You don’t have to wait until the New Year.  Just ask yourself the following questions:

  • If I want to live a life of _______________, what can I do this week to bring more of this into the world?
  • If I lived out my word everyday this year, how would I want the rest of the year to look like?
  • What would the end of 2016 look like that would make me feel that I had successfully lived my word?

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