Can't find time to finish your book or writing project?

Feel like inspiration has abandoned you? 

Stuck in writer's block?

Come write away with us!

Write Away

Write Away is an all-women writing retreat from October 19-22, 2017.



ways to make your book a reality

Here's an overview of what you can expect during Write Away

  • Hours of delicious and undisturbed writing time in a gorgeous setting within driving distance from Manila—lots of nooks, private spaces and wide-open areas so you can write
  • One-on-one mentoring and life coaching sessions so you can find inspiration, bust out of your writer's block and set goals so you can commit to your writing
  • Writer pampering: delicious food, wine nights and even a masseuse on call
  • What we promise: You will leave the retreat with a solid book concept, one written chapter and the inspiration and motivation you need to continue writing your book
write away writing retreat

Here are the details

Who is this for: Write Away is open to ALL writers—whether you're in the searching-for-inspiration stage or you already have an idea, whether you've written a few pages or you just need the final push for the last chapters.

When: October 19-22, 2017

Where: A charming retreat called Casa Luminaria in Batangas (No TVs or Wifi so you aren't distracted from your writing. The local cabins are air-conditioned and have hot water.)

How much: P39,500 (We have a lovely installment plan for you where you'll be spreading payments out over the next  few months—see FAQs below for more details!)

What's included: 

  • All meals (including afternoon merienda)
  • Four workshops and all materials
  • One life coaching session
  • One author mentoring session
  • One delicious massage 
  • Wine nights
  • Transportation to and from Casa Luminaria
  • Most importantly, the time, space and freedom to write!

What to bring: Just your computer and your clothes (including a bathing suit because there's a pool!).  We will email you a more comprehensive list when it's closer to the retreat dates.

Who's joining you during the retreat

Write Away is just for 12 amazing women writers (we hope one of them will be you!), two author mentors and one life coach.  Here's a quick introduction to us:

Sam Sotto: In an alternate universe, Sam is Dr. Who's faithful companion, traveling through time with him and constantly rearranging furniture on the TARDIS. In this one, she's a professional daydreamer, a wife, and a mom to two not-so-little humans and a Golden Retriever named Tennant. She has written two books, Before Ever After and Love and Gravity which have both been published by Random House.

Mina V. Esguerra: Mina writes contemporary romance, young adult, and new adult novellas. She has created the workshop series "Author at Once" for writers and publishers and #romance class for aspiring romance writers.  Her contemporary romance novellas won the Filipino Readers' Choice Awards for Chick Lit in 2012 (Fairy Tale Fail) and 2013 (That Kind of Guy).

life coach Philippines

Aurora M. Suarez: Aurora is a certified Courageous Living life coach who helps amazing women craft a life they love.  She supports them in living their dreams and doing work that matters.  She guides them to move beyond limitations, fear and doubt into a place of joy, possibility and delight.

I'm convinced.  I can't wait to join! 


You talked about the installment plan.  Can you tell me more about it? 

Sure, here it is!  We're making the investment in your craft, your passion and your dream easier to pay for through this installment package:

First payment (due on August 15):  P26,500 (Please note: 40% of this rate will be non-refundable.)

Second payment (due on September 15):  P7,000

Third payment (due on October 15):  P6,000


Click here to register.  

We accept payments via Paypal (you can use your credit card even if you don't have a Paypal account) or bank deposit.  If you pay via Paypal or credit card, we will have to add an additional 4.4% +P15.  Total amount will be sent as soon as you register.

I only have an idea. I haven't written anything. But I've always wanted to be a writer.  Will Write Away be right for me?

We've created Write Away to be a welcoming and supportive space for ALL writers...even if you haven't started writing yet.  We know that it's a tender and vulnerable place to make your dream happen, to put your ideas out there, to feel scared that no one will want to read what you've written.  Sam, Mina and I know about your fears because we've been there.  This is your chance to FINALLY conquer that scary first blank page.

What's the schedule?

We will leave Manila early on October 19 so we can get to Casa Luminaria by lunch time.  There will be daily workshops.  In between, you can schedule your massage, your life coaching and author mentoring sessions.  Beyond that, the schedule is yours to do as you please, so you can relax by the pool, swim, commune with nature, take long inspiring walks...and hopefully write.  At night, we will chill with wine, snacks and stories.

Am I really required to write?

We promised that you will leave the retreat with a solid book concept, one written chapter and the inspiration and motivation you need to continue writing your book.  But you will still need to write these. We cannot write your concept or book for you.  If you want to just get away and soak up inspiration, that's fine.  But to make this retreat worth the investment of your time and money, we invite you to take the opportunity to finally start writing!

I don't just need time.  I also need silence.  How many writers will be there and will I get the silence I'm looking for?

We chose Casa Luminaria because the resort will be exclusive to our group for those four days.  Aside from you, there will be 11 other writers, two authors and one life coach (plus the Casa staff, of course!).  No TVs, no Wifi, no karaoke, no other noisy guests and you can put your mobile phone in airplane mode.  

Still have questions?  Email us at

I'm ready to Write Away!

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