Why I coach on the phone

When I first started my life coach training program, I had visions of renting a room in a co-sharing space or redecorating a small studio for my client sessions.  There would be cozy chairs, cushy pillows, some candles and pretty art.  It would be a beautiful, welcoming environment where you can be supported or clarify your […]

What it means to trust myself

This week’s theme during life coach training is trusting myself. We had to do two coaching sessions as homework before class. These, along with the discussions during class this morning,  were illuminating and I feel a real shift in my perspective. During coaching and class, I realized the following: 1.  “God trusts you.”  This year, I […]

Awaken April

And then it is April.  Blazing days, ripe mangoes sweating in between fingers and lips, hours spent by the beach or pool, noisy children freed from their hectic school schedule diving into a slightly less busy summer one, the craving for darkened, air-conditioned rooms—that’s what April means in the Philippines.  It’s summer here and it’s […]

Mindful spending

Last year, I left two day jobs—one that I held for 16 years and the second one where I lasted only three months.  It was an overwhelming change, not only in opening up a lot of free time but also in a massive reduction in income.  I moved quickly into being a consultant but my […]

10 things I love about being a mom

10 things I love about being a mom

One of the surprising things about me is that I love being a mom.  I thought I would be a bad one or a neglectful one, given the rocky start of new motherhood which was a shock to me.  I didn’t anticipate the sleepless nights, the difficulty in breastfeeding, the deciphering of cries, the sheer […]