You're amazing! (I want you to know that.)

But there are days when life becomes tedious—a seemingly endless routine of deadlines, deliverables and Powerpoint presentations—and you feel less than worthy.

Then that little voice pipes up, the one you try very hard to ignore because it makes you uncomfortable.

It asks: “Is this all there is?”

Despite the achievements, the respect, the admiration, the success, you’re feeling stressed, bored and discontented with your life. You know it’s time to make some changes in your life—whether it’s a huge leap or even just a shift in perspective.

Or maybe you’re dealing with change (A new promotion? Struggling with finances? A desire to get fitter this year na talaga, I promise!) and need support around the difficult emotions that’s coming up around all that.

What if... can change your life and feel courageous, supported and confident? can connect with yourself and find out what you truly want? can find joy and purpose in your life and your work?

well, let's make those what-ifs a reality.

I'm Aurora, your life and career coach.

i'm here to help you...


CHANGE your life (or even just shift your mindset)

Take COURAGEOUS action

CONNECT with yourself

Support you and your dreams with COMPASSION

Life coaching provides the clarity, support and accountability you need to make the changes you want in your life. You will make courageous choices and take powerful action. You will have a deeper connection with yourself. It is a life-changing investment in your growth and personal transformation. If you're a woman achiever, I would love to be your coach.

Having my sessions with you was one of the best things I did for myself. I totally appreciate the fact that I can easily open up even during the first session. I can really be honest with you no matter how spontaneous and personal the questions are.The process suited me well, including the part when new perspectives are unraveled. I always feel refreshed and even more hopeful about my future.—A.C.

I loved how open you were and how comfortable I felt talking with you. I also loved how you helped me focus even further on specific areas I will be working on in the coming months to make my dream a reality.—Danielle P.

Ready to get started?


So this is where we have our first virtual cup of coffee (or tea). We have a nice long chat about what what’s going on in your life, your feelings and the changes you want.

The Discovery Session will give you an overview of the life coaching process. I will also provide you with exercises to support you after the session.

At the end of the Discovery Session, you'll feel energized, lighter and more positive about the future.​

THE PACKAGE:  Absolutely free!​

Interested?  Book a session now or email me at


This is where you finally make the commitment to the changes you want in your life.

In this three-month program, it’s time for us to go deeper—into your why, the stories you tell about yourself, the fears that are holding you back. You will get more clarity, feel empowered in going after what you want and move forward in transforming your life.

At the end of our six sessions, you will have taken courageous action on your goals. You will have connected with your inner wise voice and trusted in your intuition. You will feel happier and more purposeful about your life’s direction.

When you book this package, you will receive:

  • A total of six one-hour sessions (two sessions scheduled a month)
  • A quick start kit which includes a Values Worksheet, Journaling Prompts and Inspirational Resources
  • Customized post-session practices 

THE PACKAGE (for Philippine-based clients only):

Month 1: P2,500 upon signing up (valid for two sessions)

Month 2: P2,500 (valid for two sessions; this will be billed after session 2)

Month 3: P2,500​ (valid for two sessions; this will be billed after session 4)

Your Life Coaching Journey will only be activated after a Discovery Session.​

I gained a lot of new perspective about work and life. I’m most thankful for this newfound appreciation for my work. I also didn’t expect that only a couple of months from all that confusion would have this outcome. It’s not yet perfect (and not easy) but it’s definitely a step in a more positive direction. —C.K.


1.  I want to know more about life coaching. Can you give me more resources?

Here are some posts that will give you a better idea about what life coaching is all about:

2. What is the process?

As soon as you book your Discovery Session, I will send you a comprehensive pre-session questionnaire.​  This will help me get to know you better and understand what you're looking for in life coaching.  You will also receive instructions on what to prepare and how to call in for our session.

3.  What happens after the first session?

If you want to continue working together, I will send you a link to schedule your life coaching sessions.  You will also receive all the inclusions in the package as well as an invoice which will have all the payment details.  Payments can be made through Paypal or bank deposit (for clients based in the Philippines).  All sessions must be pre-paid.

4.  Where's your office?

All one-on-one coaching sessions are held over the phone via Facetime, Viber or Skype (audio only, no video). You will receive call-in instructions when you book your appointment. Coaching on the phone is ideal so you won't have to deal with traffic and we are both in spaces that are comfortable for us. Here's an article I wrote about why I coach on the phone.​

5.  How often are our sessions?

Your Life Coaching Journey is a three-month program.  Sessions must be scheduled every two weeks (at the latest) so as not to lose momentum. Each session is one hour long.

6.  How will I know if coaching is working for me?

​There's a question I ask in my pre-session questionnaire:  What are your top three primary goals for our coaching together?  Once we accomplish this through the coaching sessions and the practices you do on your own, we can conclude our coaching relationship.  

However, the process will not be easy as changing your life will require courage, commitment, openness and grace.  You might also find your goals evolving as we do our work.  This may take longer than six sessions.

7. What results can I expect?

While every client is different, these are some of the transformations that have happened in my clients’ lives after working with me. They told me that they:

    • have experienced shifts in mindset and are looking at life from a different perspective;
    • have found a new career;
    • discovered more meaning and fulfillment in their current job;
    • have the courage and feel empowered to begin a book, pursue a business idea and make difficult life changes;
    • feel more confident;
    • are experiencing more ease in handling life's challenges;
    • have a lighter, brighter and more positive outlook;
    • are more calm;
    • have become more loving and nurturing towards themselves.

8.  This sounds interesting.  How do I sign up?

Click here to book your Discovery Session.

If you have additional questions that haven't been covered here, please email me at

What clients have said about being coached by me

I love that it’s really a safe space for me to practice, be in integrity, for me to let my inner self out. It’s also something in the week I look forward to, for me to be accountable to myself and my goals. I just love the energy. Whether I’m feeling good or bad, it just places me in a good spot for me to start and look forward to the week.—R.C.

It makes me feel more comfortable that my coach is like a friend who has also gone through [what I'm going through] and that makes the support more felt and meaningful.—H.I.

Being coached by Aurora is an absolute treat. Working with her, I was able to go from deer-in-the headlights absolute stuckness about next steps in my career to feeling inspired and excited about what’s possible. What stood out from working with her was her loving support, curiosity, and belief in me that helped me find more clarity and confidence in my dreams.—S.S.

My sessions with Aurora were exactly what I needed as I made my way though a difficult season. She provided a safe space to talk about what I was going through; I so deeply appreciated her companionship as well as counsel. She shared with me practical and concrete things I could do to help myself, making me feel empowered when I was at my most vulnerable. Her questions, suggestions, and insights helped me find the clarity and the equanimity I sought. She’s a kind, caring coach!—B.K.

My experience with Aurora was life-changing. Every session felt as if there’s one room of myself being illuminated. I’ll never forget them.—S.O.

You do have a gift for caring and that makes you and what you do special. Thank you for listening to understand and for guiding others to seek a better and happier life.—I.C.

You've made it to the end. ​Let's do this!