10 Things I’m Loving Now: January 2016

  1. Reading:  Rising Strong by Brené Brown, Quiet Power Strategy by Tara Gentile, Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold and David Roberts, Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed
  2. The freshness of a new year is reflected in a shiny new planner.  My favorite is from Muji but here are 16 gorgeous ones to drool over.
  3. Most times, I wear classics.  But there are days when I let my inner boho out and that’s when I turn to Seek the Uniq for some bohemian chic.
  4. Frequent economy class travelers, unite!  We can totally relate!
  5. Knitting blogs I love:  Yarn Harlot, Fringe Association, Miso Crafty Knits and Brooklyn Tweed
  6. New wallpaper for my new iPhone 6s:  A free gift from one of my favorite Instagram photographers @mattcrump.
  7. My new tarot card app.
  8. Rediscovering the wasteland that is Regina’s in Shoppesville, Greenhills
  9. New favorite local photographer:  Jane Uy
  10. Hilarious note pads
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