10 things I’m ready to let go in 2018

life coach PhilippinesHere are 10 things I’m ready to let go in the new year.

It feels good to Marie Kondo not just my closets but also my mind and spirit to see if my current mindsets and habits are still serving me and sparking joy or if they are holding me back from being my best self.

1. Excuses

Okay, I’ll just do this tomorrow.
Maybe I’ll work on that next week.

Excuses prevent me from getting better, learning more and achieving my goals because I don’t even bother trying.

2. Mediocrity

Puede na ‘yan!
Rush! Just send it out without even checking.

NO MORE! Clients, customers, my family—and even I—do not deserve half-baked, half-assed initiatives. Here’s to me trying to do my best in what I do (while avoiding the habits of perfectionism).

3. Comparison envy

Why is she so far ahead in her business?
Look at all the cool places she’s traveling to!

Everyone has their own path. It’s different from mine. There are parts of my life where I will move slower and parts which look ideal from the outside. The story that I see is only a small part of the whole.

4. Not taking care of my body

I can still fit in my jeans anyway so why bother working out?
Another year of no check-ups have gone by…hmmm.

It’s time to stop being irresponsible around my health and body. Exercise and regular check-ups will allow me to continue to live and enjoy life.

5. Limiting beliefs

No is going to buy that.
I’ll price it a little lower.

These thoughts don’t serve me or my clients. It’s stemming from fear-based ideas rather than a belief in myself. Goodbye, self-imposed limits. Hello, powerful belief in myself and my value.

6. Obsession with my goals

So why haven’t I reached my targets this month?
How far am I from my target coaching hours?

What I’m planning to do instead is to focus on the actions that will help me reach my goals, to trust that I’m working on the right things and to be grateful for being on this path.

7. Instagram and Flipboard addiction

I’m bored. <flips open phone and scrolls through feeds>

Digital detoxes. Deleting these apps from my phone from time to time. Reading a book or knitting. These are what I want to do instead of mindlessly filling my time with social media.

8. Saying yes to things that’s not aligned with my core vision or business

Oooh, shiny new thing.
That sounds exciting! Let’s do it!

My word for the year is co-create. One of the reasons why I chose this word was my need for fresh ideas and to shake things up. Asking “why” and checking if an initiative is aligned with my vision will help guide me when I’m attracted to the bright, new thing that might take time and effort away from my core business.

9. Closing myself off

What if she doesn’t even open my email?
I’ll just work from home. It’s so much easier.

So much comfort to just working in what’s familiar. But I don’t grow or put myself in places where I can meet opportunity. So it’s time to step out of my home office and get myself out there.

10. Fear of not making enough money

But what if I lose money?
How do I support myself and my family?

Oh, gosh, this old friend. Prayer, processing, befriending this fear, checking if this belief is valid—this is what I need to do over and over not just this year but throughout my life.

Letting go of these 10 things is not the work of one year but rather the job of a lifetime. But identifying what’s holding me back and what’s not helping me anymore is the first step in continually creating a life I love.

Photo by Natalie Collins from Unsplash.
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