You might have noticed something new about this website—a fresh logo, font, home page, a whole new look.  It’s been thrilling to watch it take shape in January, to see my vision come to life in this space.

This is the best kind of change.  It brings about feelings of joy and excitement, as if I was riding on a plane, ready to take off to a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  It’s probably because the change is something I’m choosing instead of being made for me.

Tonight my brother called me about a different kind of change, the kind where the life you had known is taken away, the kind where you are blindsided, feeling emotional and vulnerable, facing an unknown future.

As we were deciding my logo, the designer who created my business branding decided to play with the triangles that the As in my name created.  There were a lot of variations until we came to the final logo, a square with a two triangles, which referenced the As at the beginning and end of Aurora.

Then I read the book Rising Strong by Brené Brown.  In one chapter, she talks about the delta, the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, with the capital letter being symbolized by a triangle. In mathematical equations, it is used to illustrate change in a certain quantity.  According to, when we say delta y, it means the change in y or how much y changes.

How appropriate then that this is the logo that I ended up with, representing both my name and what I want to do with my business—to support you when there are changes you want to take in your life, the kind where you are ready to take flight  and go on the  adventure you’ve always wanted or to hold space for your emotions when there are changes you never expected, when it feels like the world is asking too much of you.

What change are you going through now?  Let me know in the comments.

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