Habit #5: Think progress over perfection.


think progress over perfectionLiving an emotionally well-thy life isn’t a destination.  It’s not a marathon where you arrive at an end point where you can stop training, where you don’t need to run another kilometer or watch what you eat.

It’s more like being committed to being healthy.  You go to the gym, get on your bike, run or do yoga.  You sleep for a decent number of hours.  Regular dental visits, pap smears and breast exams.  You don’t gorge on a bag of Cheetos.  You don’t arrive at your health goals and say, “okay, that’s it.  I’m done. I never have to run to go to the gym or eat another salad again.”

It isn’t something you arrive at.  It is all about consistent small actions so that you can live a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes, you fall back into your old habits.  Or you make choices that you promise yourself you would never do again.  Sometimes you get frustrated at the slow arrival of change.

But you just keep taking the steps forward.  You keep having faith. You learn to say no.  You say yes only to what matters.

Over the next few days I’ll be discussing each of the Seven Habits of Emotionally Well-thy Women.  Click here to catch up on all the habits.

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