What does self-care really mean?

Making time for self-care EVERYDAY means making time for you.

Making time for self-care EVERYDAY means making time for you.

Self-care: Usually defined as a massage, a pedicure, alone time, meditation, a yoga class, a treat, a retreat when the world gets a little too complicated, when you need to go back to yourself

These are all great ideas. My self-care practices run along the same lines:
1. Doing something everyday that gives me joy
2. A 10-minute daily meditation or journaling practice
3. My gratitude list
4. Exercise
5. Prayer before I sleep

What I discovered about self care was that it wasn’t necessarily what you did but that you showed up consistently to do it. When you do it everyday, when you make time, you shift something inside—the thought that you matter, you are important, you come first.

In a world where women are expected to take responsibility, to give more, to do more, to lean in, this type of thinking aligns you with something more important than what’s out there: you.

You take care of yourself, you put yourself first, you fall in love with yourself again and again. You find you can give more and do more not because it’s what everyone expects but because it’s what you want. It emanates naturally from the core of love that you’ve been nurturing every day.

What are your self-care practices?  And how can you make time for them everyday?

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