On why I love to coach

The thing that makes coaching so special is not the results that my clients achieve (although it makes my heart puff  with pride to see the changes in their lives).

It’s not the testimonials they send after a few sessions.

It’s not even the ability to work from home.

What makes it extraordinary is the space that starts with the breath and continues into a place where I can listen to what my client truly wants.  It’s a noisy world: the spirited opinions on social media, the clamor of the internet, the well-meaning advice of friends and family.  For one hour, it feels good to be quiet and to allow that small still voice to speak up, to give you courage, to give you back your power, to allow hopes and fears to be whispered and listened to.

It’s a gift to be trusted with so much vulnerability, with stories of heartbreak and hope, loss and courage, fear and joy.

Even if change comes slowly, even if there is difficulty in letting go of resistance and old ways of being, there is always that space I hold where this is all okay, where you are okay, wherever you’re at.

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